Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is considered a classic movie. The movie is based around a young girl, Snow White, who has an evil jealous queen who plots to kill her/put her asleep. She ends up running away and living with seven dwarfs. She turns into the homemaker that cooks, cleans and takes care of her little men. They originally decide to keep her around because of these qualities, but soon grew to love her as a kind of mother figure. One day when the men are out at work and she is home making a pie, the evil queen shows up in disguise. She feeds the stupid, poor and naive Snow White a red apple. Snow White falls easily into her trap and is put in a spell that causes her to fall asleep. The seven dwarfs build a glass coffin to place her in. She is only awoken by her true love (that she never actually meets, but somehow is in love with him).

The gender roles in the movie are rather black and white. A woman is considered to be a homemaker, naive, and lacking in common sense. Even Snow White’s name can be considered a terrible stereotype. Snow is considered to be pure, white, whimsical, beautiful, break-taking, and easily pushed aside. There are some strong characteristics to snow, but she doesn’t express any of them. The Seven Dwarfs are also strongly placed in their gender roles. They are manly men! They do not cook, clean, take care of each other or themselves. They go to work and take advantage of Snow White’s ability to appear to be a homemaker. The evil queen is even placed into some kind of stereotypes. She may be evil, but she is beautiful. Her looks are not abrasive, but when she is in disguise she appears to be an old krone. Apparently everyone trusts an older woman trying to feed them a ridiculously red apple? The Prince (a.k.a. Prince Charming) is the stereotype of complete manliness. He saves the sleeping princess from the evil queen’s spell. He takes he away from the evil life that she was forced to live in. He LITERALLY picks her up off her feet and carries her away. Also he doesn’t really have any speaking lines: just stand there and look pretty…but don’t forget to save me.

Children learn that there are certain ways in which men and women should behave in order to fit into their roles in society. Men should be strong, handsome and willing to save their damsel in distress no matter the cost. Women should be weak, beautiful, and helpless in order for a man to come and save them from their lives and ways. I understand that children when watching this movie don’t understand the full gender ideals that are being expressed, but they do pick up on the tiny hints. They understand that a man and woman should be together and that they can fall in love. It sounds that gender roles are locked in their ways. A man and woman belong together…and a man is the savior and the woman is the caretaker.

Story Remake: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Once upon a time there was a little girl named, Snow White. She lived with her father and mother in a large house that has several acres to run free and play on. Her life appeared to be rather care free, filled with laughter and smiles. But all good things must one day come to an end. Snow White’s mother passed away from illness, leaving her with only her father. The times where hard and the father remarried a woman of great beauty, the evil queen. The queen killed Snow White’s father to steal away his power. She became a heartless ruler that let the people of the land starve and fight for resources. Her beauty held a secret that only few knew of. She would have to kill the most beautiful women of her kingdom in over to maintain her youthful appearance. Years rolled by as the kingdom began to crumble beneath the evil queen’s feet. As Snow White grew up her beauty grew by the day. She was the talk of the kingdom..if not for her beauty, but for her kindness towards the towns people. The evil queen became jealous of the attention that Snow White was receiving and locked her away in the tallest tower. She lived their until she hit the age of 16. The year of becoming a woman. The year that the evil queen could steal her youth and beauty. Snow White was lead out of the tower and into a meadow for a birth present. She was allowed to leave the tower and pick flowers. The man that escorted her outside was called The Huntsman. His job was to murder the fair Snow White and steal her heart for the evil queen to ingest.

The Huntsman expected it to be easy, to be quick, and to be effortless to take her life. She was locked away in a tower for most of her life. How could she defend herself? How could she stop what was about to happen? Little did the Huntsman know that she was not as weak as she appeared. She learned about the plot the evil queen had against her from a servant that would deliver her food. Before she left the tower, she grabbed the knife off her dinner plate from the night before. The Huntsman moved closer to Snow White as she was appeared to be picking flowers. He raised his axe above his head to take off hers with one fatal swing, but as his arms were above his head Snow White turned around quickly stabbing him in the side. He fell back unaware of what had happened, then noticed the handle protruding from his side. He eyes with glazed over with shock and worry. Snow White slowly stood up and ran into the forest to escape from her murderous fate. The Huntsman lay in silence, staring up at the sky as the night soon pushed out the calming sunshine. His eyes closed. His breathing halted. He passed away into the night.

Snow White wandered in the Dark Forest, filled with haunting creatures and banished exiles. The sun slowly set below the tree line as the moon over took the landscape. It was cold, it was dark and Snow White was tired. She soon stumbled upon a small house that appeared to be empty. The house was warn down. The windows were broken, the walls were covered with overgrowth, and there was a strong stench of decay. It didn’t matter at this point. She was tired and wanted a place to sleep without the fear of the creatures and exiles that hid in the Dark Forest. She entered the house and found it to be intriguing. Even through the house appeared to be empty from the first glance, there were beds present. Not just one bed, but seven beds. There was a kitchen, a living area, and a bathroom. She bushed off the idea that someone would live in such a dirty place and laid down in the beds. Sleep quickly rushed over her eyes and dreams filled her head.

Snow White was woken up in a panic by a short man standing at the end of the bed poking her with the end of an axe. She sat up and stared confused as she noticed that there wasn’t just once individual, but there were seven. They were strange creatures.They were dirty, smelly, short, fat, and old. It looked like someone had dragged these individuals through the mud and covered them in toilet water. They had no teeth and held weapons that she didn’t know people so small could carry. One spoke up, “Why are you here? Get out!” She quickly get out of the bed and spoke, “I came into the woods to escape. I thought this place was abandoned.” He relied, “Abandoned! Why would there be a house filled with furniture and still be abandoned?” She answered, “I have no idea. It was dirty and old looking. I just assumed….” He interrupted (shouting), “You assumed wrong! Leave our house!” She stomped her foot down and shouted back, “I have no where to go! Where will I go if I leave this house? The Dark Forest are filled with dreadful creatures and exiles!” He replied, “Frankly, I don’t care where you go, but you don’t belong here.” Snow White thought about her choices and started to walk towards the door, but turned around offering an idea..”What if I help you fix this place up? Can I stay here, until I find a different place to go?” The seven little people looked at each other and gathered in a circle. They whispered to each other in a different language that was hard for Snow White to even try and pick up. One man popped his head up and raised an eye brow, then ducked back in to complete his sentence. After what seemed like years they complete their conversation. They all stood in a line and said, “I’m Happy.” “I’m Sleepy.” “I’m Sneezy.” “I’m Grumpy.” “I’m Dopey.” “I’m Bashful.” “And I’m Doc.” “We are the seven men that live in this house. We all agreed that you are can stay here as long as you help to fix up our house like you said you would.” Snow White smiled and said, “Of course. I said I would help.”

The same morning Snow White started to sweep up the house to get all the disgusting cobwebs and dirty back where it belonged, outside. The seven men were asleep in their beds. Snow White finished sweeping out the house and walked over to the kitchen. She picked up a wooden spoon and banged on a large metal pot that was hanging from the fire. The seven men all jumped up from the loud noise then Sleepy spoke, “What was that for?” Snow White replied, “I said that I would help you fix this place up. Not do everything by myself while you all sleep the day away.” Grumpy smirked and said, “You would sleep the day away too if you just got back from a night of stealing and murder.” Snow White was shocked by this statement, but soon realized this is the way of life out in the Dark Forest. These men were technically considered to be exiles. The evil queen banished them from the kingdom because they did not fit into her ideals of perfection. “A dwarf!? How can you do anything for this kingdom? You are banished. Leave. Take nothing with you. Everything you have belongs to me.” The evil queen’s words echoed in the ears of the seven men daily. Snow White decided to ignore the thoughtless comment and said, “Well. You have all slept for long enough. It’s time to put this house back into order.” The men slowly climbed out of their beds and put on their clothes. They grumbled and moaned as they made their way to the large table that was present in the kitchen. Doc asked, “Where is our breakfast?” Snow White quickly replied, “I am not a chief. I am not a servant. I am not here to take care of you. I said that I would help you out with the chores around the house in order to stay here until I have a place to live on my own.” Doc answered harshly, “Cooking is a chore, love.” Snow White made a face and raised an eye brow, “Not one of the chores that I agreed to follow.” Happy chimed in with a smile, “Well you do if you want to live here for the time being.” That was it! That was the final straw. Snow White snapped, “I don’t have to stand for this! All of you are a bunch of bullies that have nothing better to do with your time then tell me what I should be doing! I would rather go out into the Dark Forest on my own! I will make my own house that is better than this one. Don’t come crying to me when this place finally crumbles and crashed down on you while you are sleeping.” She stormed out the front door. The seven men were left speechless.

Snow White walked further into the Dark Forest and found a large opening in a tree. The tree was big enough to fit the forest-man’s house and then some. She began working quickly; building a door that would block out the cold and weather. This took a considerable longer time than she thought it would. Before she knew it the sun was setting and the moon began to slowly drag across the sky. She finished up the last touches and hung up the door. It wasn’t perfect, but it got the job done, for now. She entered her new home and began to make plans about what she would need to make in the next few days to make it a comfy living space. While she was thinking her stomach began to grumble. Snow White realized that she hadn’t ate anything since the night before she escaped from the evil queen. She walked outside of her tree house in search of food. The only light was from the moon. No one really knows what hides in the Dark Forest. It felt like she walked for miles as she stomach’s calls got louder. Then at last! There is was. A red apple hanging from this flawless tree. It called to her. It egged her on…take me….bite me…eat me… She couldn’t deny her stomach pains any longer. She slowly reached up to release the apple from its wooden prison. The stem snapped. It could have been heard from miles. A creature in the forest howled. She held onto the apple for dear life and ran back to her tree house. Finally she made it. She saw the tree that promised her warmth and safety. Snow White opened the door and went inside. It was lit up my moon light as she sat on the floor. She began to exam the apple and all the beauty that it held. She whispered to herself, “I have never seen an apple so red. So beautiful…” Before she could finish her words she moved the apple to her mouth. She bite. The juices exploded into her mouth and gushed over her taste buds. A smile crossed her face as she chewed the piece of apple. But soon the smile was gone. The Dark Forest fell silence. Snow White fell onto her side with her eye still open, staring out at the moon. Her eyes were glazed over. They appeared almost hollow as the moon’s reflection shined in them. The apple was poisoned, placed there by the evil queen. She soon found out about her Huntsman’s failure and decided to take care of the problem herself. “No on can resit this apple,” she thought as she planted her magic seeds. Snow White’s breathing had stopped. No one was around for miles. She left behind the only people that could have helped her. No one was looking for her. No one noticed her disappearance. Her body laid there until it was nothing more. The evil queen continued to haunt the townspeople. The kingdom fell.

No one ever spoke of the once beautiful girl named Snow White.


2 thoughts on “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

  1. I really enjoyed your rewrite of Snow White. Is there a reason why you chose to keep her as the most beautiful in the land? Do you think there is a way to rewrite this story without the aspect of beauty? So that young girls aren’t being taught that beauty is as important as the original story makes it to be.

    • I know that beauty is a main point of the story and I’m not sure how I would rewrite what the queen was after? Maybe her intelligence, but that might put a damper on kids who don’t have access to a higher education. I wanted to keep some part of the story true in nature so I guess I picked the part about her looks then turned her into a killer that dies in the end. Haha

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